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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The beginning

Been having a weighty issue lately (who hasn't ?!) if you are the lucky ones who don't have to worry about de Bulge then Salute! I envy you .....

Lebih terbako keinginan to Battle de Bulge sejak baca blog Saya Nak Kurus ni. Alahaiiii kenapa tak jumpa dari dulu lagi eh kalo tidak sure dah ghupe cam Super Model hehe. Tabik juga pada OhMyLiza yang gigih menjalani kehidupan yang lebih sihat TANPA lemak

Zaman bekerja kat ofis dulu lebih mudah nak diet ni. Tapi sekali sekala tu memang terbabas gak tapi senang to get back in track coz there's so much to do than to think of food food n more FOOD! Since becoming a full time Domestic Manager n baking by the sides I find it a bit wee difficult. I could always maintain at 60-62  kilos (btw that it slightly obese for me *duhhh*) but find it very very de difficult to pass below 60. Used to weigh like 52kg before delivering my youngest boy and managed to maintain below 55kg for a while. Apa yg terjadi di persimpangan membuat weight ni naik membuak-buak susah nak explain .... kui kui. Bukannye tak perasan ... hubby pun dah banyak kali perli but I chose to ignore. I know that something must be done.

First n foremost : MUST have a STRONG will to start this

Kalau nak ikut readiness on Battling de Bulge mentally I am ready cuma actually belum habis buat research lagi but it has to start sooner or later.

and that's why I decide on this blog to keep a tab on my progress. Perhaps with having this I can get support, advice, share the journey with viewers and bloggers out there


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