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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Loose weight with a banana smoothie

Good morning allz!

Camne minggu ni? Masih in track to loose those inches? Set in your mind that you want to shed those kilos permanently and maintaining it. Kita perlu ubah cara pemakanan dan mula menjadi kan senaman salah satu rutin harian. Hari ni kita selongkar kelebihan banana and weight loss

Antara kelebihan pisang -
* Nutritious - kaya dengan serat (fiber), vitamin (B6 & C) dan mineral
* Rendah kalori (lebih kurang 140 cal)
* Mengandungi potassium dan magnesium - membantu mengawal tekanan darah serta mengawal pengambilan garam
* Membekalkan tenaga
* Mengawal berat badan dengan memberi rasa kenyang yang lebih lama serta meningkatkan proses pembakaran lemak yang lebih efficient

Bananas taste great, making them perfect for breakfast or snack food. The fruit makes you feel fuller thus making you feel satisfied so that you will eat less.

Resepi banana smoothie :
1 scoop soy protein powder
1 biji pisang
1 cawan yoghurt drink
- blend dan sedia untuk di minum

Mudah kan? Smoothie ni akan membuatkan kita rasa kenyang dan kurang craving makanan yang manis

Please also make sure your daily fluid intake is at least 6 glasses. (1 litre to every 25kg of body weight)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

I'm so excited!

This morning I tried putting on a very old blouse (was doing wardrobe spring cleaning yesterday) and guess what?! It fitted loosely (yeayyy!) no more snuggly wuggly on the hips with still a lot more room.

Owhhh it really made my Monday morning :D feeling great though I was not really watching what I ate for the past 3 weeks.

So today to get back in the track I have vowed to start back the Induction phase for a week. Starting with breakfast - Green tea probiotic latte. I have posted this recipe a few weeks ago but this time I included 1 glass of yoghurt drink (probiotics)

And for the resr of the day I will be drinking Grapefruit Infused water. The last time I had this water it was a bit bitter. And a friend commented it looked like dentures floating in water! Haha (I had the skin on but peeled with a rigged peeler) so today I had the skin off and put only the pink flesh

I'll post later on my lunch n dinner

Meanwhile ... have a Happy Monday allz! Stay healthy n drink water. Ciao!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hidangan makan tengahari dari Korea

I am a foodie! Well who doesn't love food right?! Anything goes with me be it local delicacies (but not much of it ... the last time I had my fair share of roti canai was like a month ago), western, italian, Chinese,  Japanese n Korean food. I try to make it at home though because u know what's in it and that everything is Halal especially Japanese n Korean food.

Today I'd like to share a very simple yet tasty noodle dish from Korea - Kimchi Udon. I'm not sure if the taste is authentic enough but I sure enjoy this especially for lunch. I make my own kimchi (u can read it in my older posts). It's spicy, sourish and sweet that tantalizes your taste buds. Owhhh writing about it makes me drool ....

Here's the recipe :
1 bowl pre boiled udon
Enoki mushroom (or mixed mushrooms like oyster, shiitake, enogi)
Salmon - dice into bite size squares
Dried wakame
Soybean paste
Chili paste - if u like it spicier)

Prepare the udon (just like boiling pasta) if u don't have udon u can also use soba, wheat noodles or egg noodles. Whichever is to ur liking. Boil water and add in the kimchi stock (the liquid from fermented cabbage). Then add the soybean paste (I found a halal korean sauce at Jaya Grocer) or u can also use tauchu and ikan bilis stock. Let it boil

Add salmon (I don't have it in the fridge today so I had to make do with just enoki mushrooms.  If u have a variety of mushrooms just add it in. It gives the soup stock more flavour.  Then add th dried wakame followed by udon. Serve hot

Some info on fermented food - kimchi. It has high amino acids which is good for weight loss. And so is wakame which boosts up metabolism