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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, 17 January 2014

Healthier lifestyle in 2014

Owhhh lama sungguh tak post entry di sini.  Bz the baking biz ... Byk posting kat blog & Instagram sweetroz kitchen :)

Roz masih sedaya upaya mengamalkn cara pemakanan yg sihat.  Tahun ni I'm determined to loose the excess weight! I am still doing juicing now n then. Trying new combinations.

Actually I hv so many postings for this blog that is pending. I would like to share with you tips on healthier lifestyle I've been following in FB n Instagram.  It's not that difficult really to change to a healthier lifestyle - less unprocessed food, more fruits n veggies, healthier cooking styles and recipes.
      All u need is sheer DETERMINATION!

Today I would like to start with sharing an alkaline juice recipe called the Green Juice. Rasanya quite ok .... cuma kalau boleh cari imported baby spinach leaves sbb daun dia lebih liat dr bayam tempatan dan rasanya tak berapa mushy dan seakan rasa best

Cuba lah!

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