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Sunday, 20 October 2013

I'm so excited!

This morning I tried putting on a very old blouse (was doing wardrobe spring cleaning yesterday) and guess what?! It fitted loosely (yeayyy!) no more snuggly wuggly on the hips with still a lot more room.

Owhhh it really made my Monday morning :D feeling great though I was not really watching what I ate for the past 3 weeks.

So today to get back in the track I have vowed to start back the Induction phase for a week. Starting with breakfast - Green tea probiotic latte. I have posted this recipe a few weeks ago but this time I included 1 glass of yoghurt drink (probiotics)

And for the resr of the day I will be drinking Grapefruit Infused water. The last time I had this water it was a bit bitter. And a friend commented it looked like dentures floating in water! Haha (I had the skin on but peeled with a rigged peeler) so today I had the skin off and put only the pink flesh

I'll post later on my lunch n dinner

Meanwhile ... have a Happy Monday allz! Stay healthy n drink water. Ciao!

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